Claire & Fergus – a Bath wedding

…Oh my god they’re amazing!!!  We love you!  Thank you so much – they are absolutely gorgeous and more than we could have hoped for…


This was always going to be a massive treat for me.

I went to uni in Bath to study photography back when the Royal Photographic was based in town and I used to spend afternoons wandering around the EPIC bookshop there and around the exhibition room and it was THIS very room that Claire and Fergus decided to use for their reception after their Bath Abbey wedding.


Plus, well – BATH!

The day started in Ferg and Claire’s lovely lovely home where one can start to spot the Lancashire-Yorkshire – which really IS best? debate that can be spotted dotted around the day. Starting with the tea, and apparently that should be enough to clinch it. What would I know? I’m a namby-pamby Southern Earl Grey drinker (weak, no milk but biscuits if you have them thankyoukindly).

I’ll pop back later and add details of suppliers just as soon as, well, as ever, there’s a list on my desk somewhere.

Until then, to the images…

(Oh, I promised myself I’d do much shorter blog posts. That went well :/ )