Sasha and Max – a Devon wedding

Sasha and Max, then. You may remember these guys (and George) from their pre-wedding shoot earlier this year.

Sasha and Max married in May in the Wolborough church on the edge of Newton Abbott followed by a recption at home (oh, and what a home but we’ll get to that).

The wedding was a small and wonderfully relaxed affair – cream teas and canapes and, later, nibbles from Riverford Organic Farm.

Music was provided by a friend with a violin and there was a pop-up cocktail bar in the conservatory.

True to form I have COMPLETELY forgotten who the bloody-awesome-amazing-fantastic dress is by.  Yup, shoes too. BUT the lovely flowers are by Emma Vowles.

I love at-home weddings. They’re just an amazing thing to be part of (have now split two infinitives so far and may need to go and lie down for a bit. This writing busness is HARD when you’re as picky picky picky as me. I digress…) especially, as with this one, they represent a blending of two families – the members of which are so very clearly in love with each other.

four small girls. one slightly portly oh-so-very-loved ginger cat. one amazing car.

*that* dress. incredible jewellery from France. rain (thank-you Devon). lots of lovely sushi.

the ningnangnong. birdie headresses. Hunter wellies. cow. scones





Lucy xx