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On words

They say that in everyone there’s a writer waiting to get out. I wouldn’t know.

The photographer in me is a greedy god and allows no space for much else. It doesn’t share head or desk space.

This, then, is largely why there’s been a distinct paucity of text in recent posts.

My head is full of shapes and colours and smells and feels and – when I’m shooting – I purposefully allow the sense of time and place to control me and am very mindful not to shoot from my head but from my heart.

It would be oh-so-easy to decide what I was looking at and crash on regardless but that just wouldn’t work. I need to, and it sounds terribly pretensious, absorb and channel what I’m looking at and not churn out images by rote.

Writing, however, is a beast of an entirely different colour. Those words – those pesky words. They need monitoring. And stroking. And sentences prodded into shape.

Every wedding I shoot is distinctly and brilliantly different. I couldn’t be luckier with the clients I get to work with. They are incredibly creative, kind, energetic and don’t get me started on their taste.

And so it is I’ve been so rubbish with the words to describe them. In the hurly burly of a busy life I fear rolling out trite niceties about them and their weddings.

Because their weddings are so very definitely not the same.


There’s also a significant part of me that became nervous that blogposts were starting to look worryingly like adverts for the suppliers. I’m totally about sharing the love but, with the brilliantly colourful chaos of day to day living I a) kept losing people’s details (DOH!) and b) struggled to find a tone that was balanced and not just a list of vendors and wotnot.


And so, I’m going to be trying harder. In recent months I’ve been releasing blog posts without text – mostly from the excitement of sharing the wedding – and PROMISING myself I’d go back and add it later. Never.Happens.

But it will.

Watch this space…




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