Lou and Toni – an Anglo-Spanish wedding

It was going to be different.

No more, I said. ‘No more with the massive blog posts. Show some self-control, woman. Some self-restraint.’

And then – well – this happened and I am powerless to resist.

So here we are – an uber-post of Lou and Toni’s Hales Hall wedding. Incidentally, almost IMPOSSIBLE to view without a glass of wine (hey, I’m not here to judge)


Things you need to know? Those are Lou’s Dad’s cars and they’re BEAUTIFUL.

The dress? Yeah, she designed that and made the leather back herself.

I don’t usually use images from the speeches but these begged to be included. Happy tears – sad tears – we got ’em covered

Ooo – Lou’s amazing vintage kimono – a gift from bridesmaid Gemma (Gem and I were besties at school and it was AMAZING to catch up)


Ha! Yes, and Toni’s socks. Brilliance.

A fally-downy chesse tower but SHH! it’s okay because nobody noticed…

I’ll leave you to it then.



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  • Keith DayOctober 5, 2014 - 9:53 pm

    Great Shots. A Very animated gathering! And the Great Barn has never looked more alluring!ReplyCancel