On birds and skies – a teeny tiny travel post

I have a thing for birds.

It’s not a big thing. In fact, birds on their own bore me somewhat but give me a sky-full and I’m gone.

I can watch them for hours (which I did most of the way through university) and remains the main contributing factor as to why my office is in the middle of the house and has no windows. Give me a room with a view and I will get no work done.

For me a sky without birds is a barren forlorn thing.

I like the swoop and the whoosh and the sense of freedom.

It’s been rather quiet here on the blog of late. It’s that time of year, I guess.

I’m finishing up the images from last week’s Paris trip.

And this is one.

It contains, of course, lots of birds…


IMG_1163 copy

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