Best of 2014 – the weddings

I’ve been on dithery go-slow about this post if I’m honest.

2014 was a bit of a beast on the whole.

It saw some AMAZING weddings (20, all told) at venues all over the UK and I worked with some brilliant second shooters.

It saw a bunch of my work getting published (hurrah!)

It saw my wonderful kids growing up that little bit more (Daisy can now ride a bike and Archie gets terribly cross when people make blase comments about dinosaurs that they can’t back up with fossil evidence *le sigh*).

I’ve been to Portugal, to Croatia and to Paris.

It saw my 40th birthday (no candles, please, they’re becoming a fire-hazard).

And it also saw the end of my 14 year marriage to Chris which made me unbelievably sad for a while.

My work – in the face of everything – is getting stronger and stronger and I’m considering a re-brand to reflect that. But not yet. Not this week.


I tried to keep the blog post small – I really did. I totally failed but – hey – it’s shorter than one of my normal blogposts and it *is* 20 weddings


  • EmmaMarch 10, 2015 - 3:05 pm

    Your work is so raw and emotive and different and humble and beautiful all at the same time. I love it xxReplyCancel

  • Helen LiskJanuary 8, 2015 - 12:48 pm

    Lovely work Lucy – especially your bridal prep – beautiful images! xReplyCancel