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Bologna – birds, bikes and – um, pizza. A travel post


Yeah, this is going to be a big one.

No two ways about it.

I’ve done a huge and massive (yeah, I know) cull but there are still loads of images. I did consider splitting it into two posts but not really in love with that idea.

Because this is about texture.

The texture of a city.

And me bobbing about in it.

Now, I thought I knew. Well, to be exact, I totally knew I didn’t know and by that and through that I knew. I think.

It’s about dreams. Not the hopey aspirational ones – the ones you have in sleep and – in particular – the ones that stick to you like a faintly scented membrane when you awake and you wear them like skin for years. Those ones. I, like the total country girl I am, I dream of cities and there are two that creep on those velvet sleep feet and visit my dreams. And it turns out that spur-of-the-moment-leg-it-to-Bologna Bologna was one of those cities.

I’m very very glad I came



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