Brittany by bike – a travel post

So last week my father and I took the ferry to France to cycle across Brittany.

With no definite end point in mind we headed south along the Velodyssey route from Roscoff with our bikes and sleeping tarpaulin with a view to seeing how far we got.

A great time was had but – alas – my beautiful wonderful fantastic camera died on day two. I was gutted to say the least. I’ve had her for most of my career and she’s been all over Europe with me and I actually get a little bit choked up when I think about it. Heartbreak aside, it meant I didn’t have a camera to work with which was a total disaster. So most of these are shot on dad’s camera and lens (thanks, Dad).

We managed a not-to-be-sniffed-at 194 miles before we ran out of week.

That loo roll at the beginning? I *really* should have taken it.

There’s a little bit of me that wonders if I really shouldn’t write a bit more and so I may well come back and do so later.