The Five

So this was the brief: choose your five favourite frames from this year.

Sounds easy enough, right? Except. Hmm.  I’ve already shot nearly 35000 and so suddenly 5 is teeny tiny. Plus, you’ve SEEN the length of my blog posts, right?

The one thing. No. ONE of the things that’s very hard to do as a photographer is emotionally divorce yourself from your work – ergo my rather lengthy blog posts.

I can’t unfeel what I do when I see the times I’ve spent with people. Because – and let’s make no bones about this – you guys are AMAZING.

Ah, and then there’s my children. My wonderful dog. The Bloody Cat. I was pretty sure I was going to end up with a selection of images of my kids. Because – well, you know. Mum Stuff *rolls eyes at self*

I’d managed to narrow my selection to 6. SIX. And it killed me to cut that last one. Because they each and every one give me the feels. Different kinds of feels but the feels for sure.


** I’ve re-examined the brief and it was for BEST images but – you know what – I’m still happy with these. Because perhaps more than other ‘better’ or ‘prettier’ frames most describe the me I am when I’m working**


This was, perhaps surprisingly, the first time I’d worked with a model. Yeah, that is surprising. It was a shoot in Cornwall and I like it as it – this shoot – was rather unlike anything I’d done before.

And my personal challenge was to find a way – in my chunky, clunky, kinda awkward way – to find a way to un-modelly the model. To find the HER. To give her images that were a touch raw and totally un-bloody-airbrushed. I call this shot a success 🙂

I love this dog. I so wish she were a boy dog and not a girl dog so she and my equally lovely girl dog could make the world’s most AMAZING spaniel puppies. This frame is from her mum and dad’s St Ives wedding and I’d been faffing about arranging numbers to make the wedding date on the pretty wooden stairs. (SEE how pretty that wood is?) They were either church hymn numbers or cricket run numbers. I forget. And in she comes. Photobomb level NINJA.

Ooo – this is actually from the same wedding. GODS how I love the sea at St Ives. Seriously – if you haven’t been before GO. GO GO GO.

This was a fleeting half seen moment that struck me as incredibly tender and one of those finger-on-the-pause-button-of-life times. The sea. Those blues. The wind pulling at their skirts and flicking them about. And that hand on the back in some kind of silent affirmation of which I’ll never know the details. Is it loss? Is it hope?

Oh, Alfie. How I love that little face. He’s just so bloody easy to work with and so giving. And he can talk and engage and be funny and human and real and all together edible. But you guys got that, right? From just this one frame that’s so Alfie.

I’d always had a low level fear of children. I mean – these guys are SCARY. They see right through you and make no bones about telling you you’re chubby. Or you look funny. Or are boring.

And then I had my own and I got slightly better with them.

But then – I dunno – something happened. Maybe I started hanging out with a better class of nipper. Because now I actually and positively and totally love family and children shoots. And Alfie is a perfect example of the kind of small I want to work with. And whenever I see this frame I smile. And I want to stroke his eyebrows but that’s probably a Mum thing 😉

I love this frame. It’s from a wedding at Wilton’s Music Hall in London. I love the quiet expectation. And GOD how I love the walls at that place. I’m a total texture junkie and this place just kills me everytime.

There’s something innately haunting about an empty place that was designed for life and for energy.

I love the pregnant sense of theatre here. The silent stage

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  • jonnySeptember 24, 2015 - 8:51 am

    Love em all Lucy, what a collection! It’s so hard to pick just 5 and you’ve nailed it. well done xReplyCancel

  • Katie de SilvaSeptember 23, 2015 - 4:27 pm

    I love these! You take pictures that I love 😀 pulling out the truth & life xxx I love your stories behind them too! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Gary (aka Marshal Gray)September 23, 2015 - 9:18 am

    beautiful photographs Luce’ love em to death.ReplyCancel

  • AnnaSeptember 23, 2015 - 6:49 am

    Love these Lucy. Can only imagine how difficult it was to choose just 5 – but you’ve picked beautifully.ReplyCancel