Steph and Mark – a St Ives wedding

“Thank you for the pictures they are fantastic! They are just amazing (knew they would be but honestly you are bloody brilliant!)” 

To St Ives, then, for a wedding at one of my favourite places on the face of the earth.

The drive across Bodmin Moor was accompanied by something of a sinking feeling as I hurtled through a land of foggy grey. Miserable and unrelenting and absolutely not what a Cornish beach wedding calls for.

Inevitably, though, St Ives did her magic thing and the grey slowly blew away for Steph and Mark’s rather brilliant day.

Family filled. Drenched in daisies. Fantastically fireworky. Gloriously sunsetty. Sandy toed. Epically shoed (see top image – Steph had them done by a tattoo artist). Burglar seagully. Children in their smalls playing in the waves.


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