on silence

Last year was a funny year.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked so hard or been so totally and utterly exhausted.
And so it became – at least word-wise – a year of radio silence.
No patter or chitchat. No room for small talk.
It’s always going to be a tricky equation to navigate, this lil’ ole life of mine – a plate spinning trick of parenting alone while running a business and trying to feed (in so many ways) the artist within.
And that blessed and dreadful trinity massively opens the door to a profound loneliness which, while it can never be fed, can be silenced by MORE WORK.
And so there was no talking last year because sometimes that tiny pause it creates is enough to have the plates crashing to the floor.
This year, again, predictably, as ever, I’m working towards a greater balance.
And through my words I will be more present on my website. More engaged. No shouting through a clouded mirror. Not this year.