Liz and Rob – a Horn of Plenty wedding


You know that scene in Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo and Juliet where they see each other through the fish tank and you can feel the rest of their worlds falling away and leaving just them and the sound of their hearts?
That’s totally what this wedding was like. But with fewer fish.

I love how they’re all deliciously different, these wedding things.

I mean, one day you’re up a mountain trying not to cause an avalanche with your enthusiastic yodelling * and the next you’re on a beach with the waves lapping at your toes.
And today we’re a mere 0.3 miles from my front door which is BY FAR the closest to home I’ve done which is, in itself, a bit of a treat.
There’s something extra special about covering the wedding of a friend. Rob was, many years ago, my scuba instructor and – I put my hand up here – I cried like a baby when I was putting together this blog post because there’s nothing in the world like the feeling that someone has found their home in someone else. It’s just wonderful.
And so, with no further to-do, let’s off to The Horn of Plenty in my lovely Tamar Valley (albeit in the foreign Devon bit with the dodgy scone spreading)
*I may have very slightly made that bit up. But, boy!, how I wish I had.