The Info…

...or why weddings make me tick

I do so love a good wedding. They’re fab. Seriously. Every little bit. I love that they’re all so brilliantly different from each other and I’m endlessly fascinated by the whole dang thing.

There’s one thing better than weddings, though, and that’s people. It’s all the people and the looks and the quiet moments and half-heard sighs as a bride walks down the aisle to hold hands with her future in front of everyone else.

It’s sons rolling their eyes whilst Mum has a bit of a sob. It’s very little girls all dressed up like teeny tiny princesses whirling and swirling and dancing like their little lives depended on it  (all the while quietly plotting their own wedding day)

It’s the whole boy meets girl thing and them falling,  heads spinning and swimming,  in love.

It’s the room, the beach, the field – with those people who make up the pieces of your hearts, it’s standing in front of them and saying your ‘I do’s.

I’ll be with you all day. Whenever you need me. I’ll be there. And I’ll be catching the bits you’re too busy to see.


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